Group Profile

Faeber Group, is a family run business entity established in the year 1992 operating in India, China and UAE into various businesses like
· Automobile Spare Parts,
· Marine, Deck Items and Technical Ship Supplies,
· Pneumatic Tools, Hand Tools & Power Tools.
This would not have been possible without our visionary founder and father, Mr.Asgar Ismail Gandhi who with his hard work, dedication and pursuit of excellence has been able to deliver what we stand as a well known and reputed organization today. With sheer dedication and professional expertise, he has been able to build strong market reputation while leveraging its key resources and regional partners to be able to offer unmatched quality and availability of wide range of products.

Faeber name and symbol represents the power and toughness. A well-crafted symbol with power of bull which represents the toughness and depicts the protection of the shield symbolizing the sustenance with our clients, community partners, or our employees. It also champions our aspirations to achieve high levels of excellence in everything we do.

A Bull-head incorporated into a Security Shield, Tough, Strong, Bold, Aggressive and Secure...
It is simply inspired by the reputation of our products, for

•  Toughness and Strength
•  The feeling of Security
•  The Value for money

Faeber Group, a leading conglomerate was established in the year 1992. It started as a small family business and has grown into group of companies operating in UAE, India, Uganda and China and into various multi product businesses over the years as follows:
1992: Port Sudan Auto Spare Parts Trading Est – Sharjah, UAE.
2001: Port Sudan Mechanical Machine Spare Parts Trdg – Dubai, UAE.
2005: Port Sudan Auto Spare Parts Trading (Branch) – Sharjah, UAE.
2007: Faeber Auto Spare Parts Trading Co. LLC – Dubai, UAE.
2008: Faeber Autoparts Co. Ltd – Ningbo, China.
2015: Faeber Overseas Ltd - Kampala, Uganda.
2015: Faeber Trading Co. LLC – Dubai, UAE.

We are continuously expanding our business to reach out worldwide potential customers. Today, the company is a reputed leader in automotive and marine industry in product availability, reasonable pricing and customer service.

Our vision as inspired by our founder Mr Asgar Ismail Gandhi:/p>

"Lets Create Better Possibilities Together…"

Our values embody the dynamic and entrepreneurial traits of our founder, Mr Asgar Ismail Gandhi. Our company’s success is based on how we live our values every day, coming together and sharing bold and passionate ideas which in turn create better possibilities for growth and success with our partners, suppliers and customers.

Our mission to provide our valuable customers with high quality products at a competitive price that does not compromise the integrity, reliability and expected functional capabilities ensuring each and every customer is fully satisfied.

Under the brand name of "Faeber", the company has constantly satisfied its customers to the fullest. Each and every product manufactured under the brand has followed careful manufacturing procedures and inspected by qualified technicians and expert workmen to exceed the expectations of every final customer it reaches. The company is dedicated to maintaining high standards realizing that our continued success depends upon unswerving adherence to these standards.